My work consists mostly of monotypes, etchings and linocuts but I use other printing techniques as well. I am inspired by non-western cultures, old printing techniques, the people around me, the properties possibilities of my materials and nature. As a professional diving instructor I have seen the world extensively from under water, which has given me a unique perspective on nature, humans and the interaction of humans with the environment.

My prints are premised on the basic art of looking. I offer images that illicit surprises and intrigue; my monotypes address themselves exclusively to the eye, prompting a second look or further scrutiny from the viewer. I work on my monotypes without a preconceived image or preparatory sketches. I create each of my monotypes through a series of intuitively improvised layering’s and juxtapositions. The forms, colors, lines, typographies and objective pictorial elements collide into infinity, sometimes melding in symbiosis, then repelling each other again. In my work I play with subtle pictorial instabilities by combining incongruous or conflicting features, amorphous elements merging with the geometric or angular, gestural abstraction overlapping or intertwining with hard edged decorative patterns or motives, clutter and clarity competing for spatial dominance. Overlaid and interwoven with sinuous networks of ornamental motives that suggests biological micro worlds. My prints evoke the merging of divergent perspectives, of both the infinite depth and the intricate details of nature.